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About Me

I grew up in rural Alabama, surprisingly on a healthy diet of opera, classical music, ballet, and the fine arts. My best friends were Tchaikovsky, Monet, and Baryshnikov. Since long before I can remember I have always been infatuated with the pursuit of artistic knowledge. I knew long before applying to college that I wanted to study art history, even if I did not yet know where that could take me. While I was an undergraduate student at the University of Alabama I took a job in the main library. It was there that I learned of librarianship as a profession and began developing a talent for research and navigating the world of information resources. By the time I graduated, I knew that the best possible use of my skills and interests would be in the field of librarianship. I did not let my passion and knowledge of the arts dwindle while pursuing a Masters of Library and Information Studies. I catered my research to issues in art libraries, studying copyright issues in digitizing visual resources, the evolution of image consortiums, and the presence of art-specific libraries on state university campuses.

While I have chosen librarianship as my career path, I still consume the fine arts as passionately as ever. I am particularly drawn to modern and contemporary art, the concept of what draws artists to create, aesthetics, and what it means to be human from an artistic perspective. This interest has driven my own artistic endeavors, in which I aspire to look at the use of art and technology as a surrogate for 'self'. For the first time in my life I am beginning to create art and perform personal research outside of a classroom context. I am ready to see were the call to art and information leads me.

Kaitlyn Parker